BBC at it again stoking the fires

There is no remaining doubt; BBC Kinyarwanda service has been taken over by Rwandan dissidents or it is working to promote their cause.

A Rwandan dissident is gunned down by police in South Africa in a botched highjack attempt, immediately, BBC goes on the offensive that he was a “refugee” and “staunch defender of democracy”.

To add more spice to their narrative, that he was a former member of the Presidential Guards, so as to indirectly implicate Rwanda in his death. Immediately the story was picked up by Ugandan and other hostile media who had a field day twisting it in every way.

They have no shame in canonizing a dangerous criminal who was caught red-handed and violently met his fate. Did they even bother to ask themselves whether those dissidents have not resorted to crime to finance their ventures?

Anyway, theirs is a lost cause. It seems the three Presidents of Angola, D.R. Congo and Rwanda have something cooking for armed groups in the region and other troublemakers.

Even though they had gone to pay their last respects to Etienne Tshisekedi, the father of the current President, the three Heads of State found it imperative to hold a mini tripartite meeting to address the issue of insecurity. It is not business as usual, as there are three new sheriffs in town.

But to get back  to BBC, it seems is management has lost control of their Kinyarwanda service despite past complaints from the government as well as sanctions. 24 hours after reporting the incident, even after the real truth had emerged, the fake story was still posted on their website.

Will they ever learn or change? Only time will tell and patience is on the side of the righteous