You have a shared responsibility to national development – Amb Kimonyo

Rwanda’s Ambassador to China, James Kimonyo gives his remarks during a virtual celebration of Liberation day on Saturday, July 4 in Beijing, China. Courtesy

Rwanda’s Ambassador to China, James Kimonyo on Saturday, July 4 reminded the Rwandan community in China of their shared responsibilities towards the development of Rwanda.

The ambassador said this during the liberation day celebrations at Rwanda’s embassy in Beijing.


In his remarks, the Ambassador reminded Rwandans about the edgy history of Rwanda that was stained with inexpressible social discrimination and how the visionary leadership led by President Paul Kagame has been able to refit such dissipated history into a vastly growing economy in Africa.


“We had disorderly time growing-up, our country was at its worst, ethnic discrimination was almost the language of instruction in the country, he said adding that it is no more today, institutions are well established for you to work hard and contribute significantly to the country’s development”.


The Rwandan envoy to China informed Rwandans of the enormous opportunities at their disposal that must be used cautiously to capacitate themselves for their role in the country’s development.

“While the former regimes promoted education based on ethnicity, RPF government offers education to Rwandans of all ages without discrimination, you should use the opportunity you have to contribute to the country’s development”. he noted adding that “you are very lucky to have a home like Rwanda, for us where we lived as refugees, we had to change our names to be able to get admitted in any institution of learning, this is not the same with you,” the ambassador noted.

Col. John Karangwa, the defense attache at the Rwandan embassy in China reaffirmed the ambassador’s take on our collective role towards national development.

“You are at the right age of service, the government has invested all the possible resources in empowering you to become key players in the country’s development,” he noted.

He further added that “the youthful Rwandans from across all countries sacrificed their life and their education to come to the front and liberate their country.”

Although this year’s liberation day celebrations were organised online, over 300 Rwandan students and nationals working and living in China participated in the celebrations.

Students commended the government of Rwanda for their role in the country’s development.

Ngabo Richard, a student of business administration at Beijing Normal University said that indeed the country experienced worrying episodes that left it at the doorsill of extinction but the government has done tremendously in bringing the country together and ensuring a holistic developmental process.

In this case, Richard Ngabo suggested some development mechanism in the pursuit of a total economic liberation.

“We have categorically grown given our contradicting history, we however need to engage more with the private sector in order to guarantee a complete economic independence” he noted.

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