What do you expect from incoming members of parliament?

The national parliament building. Net.

Rwandans will, on September 2-4, vote for Members of Parliament who include; 53 directly elected MPs, 24 women representatives, 2 youth MPs and 1 representative for persons with disability.

As parliamentary candidates and their parties transverse the country soliciting for votes, Sunday Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa asked a cross section of people what they expect from the incoming members of parliament.


Parliamentary candidates make a lot of promises, and expectations are ever growing.  I hope that the MPs ensure transparency and accountability in the application of public funds as they monitor the implementation of Government programmes and projects.  I also hope that they become incredibly proficient at problem solving and learn from their predecessors.

Davis Kabera, student

I hope when they are elected they focus on passing laws that are practical and considerate even to the lowest class in society. I also hope they do something on the ever increasing taxes, they should limit them. They should remember that nothing builds trust faster than keeping the commitments that they make.


Marian Ingabire, accountant
They are the incoming decision makers who we trust.  We expect them to master the art of leadership and not waste their time on issues that disrupt momentum.

Clare Tibenda, teacher
The 3rd parliament can be credited with enacting and reviewing many laws.  We hope that the incoming one will be able to give practical remedies to issues at hand. Also, they should ensure accountability as it is vital in addressing challenges.

Honest Twizeye, enterprenuer

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