We cannot achieve much if we do not work together - Mugambage

We cannot achieve much if we do not work together for a common cause and towards a common goal, Rwanda's envoy to Uganda stressed over the weekend during an event to mark the 26th Liberation day.

Frank Mugambage, High Commissioner to Uganda, noted that it is important to reflect and take stock of the different phases of the struggle; from the waging of the liberation war to remove the pre-liberation regime that promoted divisionism and preached hate, discrimination, and denied fundamental human rights to its people. 


The struggle, he said, was waged to restore peace and security, dignity, full rights and restore hope to all citizens.


Rwandans and friends of Rwanda paid tribute to the "gallant sons and daughters of Rwanda who sacrificed to liberate the country" as well as all Rwandans who made and continue to make great contributions to the ongoing development process.


Mugambage noted that the journey started from very difficult conditions, the humanitarian catastrophe of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, created a near failed state that left many thinking Rwanda would not survive as a nation.

But thanks to the good leadership of  President Paul Kagame, he said, a clear and shared vision was charted with inclusive policies of equal opportunities for all, based on the strategic choices of building unity, transparency accountability as a result, very considerable achievements have been made. 

Work together for a common cause

The envoy noted that Rwandans were empowered to actively participate in the planning and implementation of programmes and activities that impact their lives and lead to national development.

"The benefits of good governance based on consistent and correct choices, guided by good leadership guaranteeing the choices made; respecting the aspirations of the people embracing and entrenching a culture of home grown solutions are there for all to see," he said.

"We cannot achieve much if we do not work together for a common cause and towards a common goal," he added.

"If it is in the same spirit that Rwanda’s foreign policy is based on the principle of pursuing outward looking approaches, which seek to promote mutually reinforcing relationships regionally and globally."

This, he said, is evidenced by Rwanda’s active engagements and advances in regional integration groupings and other global forces. 

Rwanda values peace and stability, the envoy noted, as a prerequisite for creating a conducive environment for economic growth and development for the benefits of our people.

The bilateral relations between Rwanda and Uganda, he added, are considered in the same context of protecting and safeguarding "our shared interests" together. 

"Rwanda is committed to using established mechanism to engage and resolve its concerns including those it has raised in recent times; multiple unjustified arrests of Rwandan citizens in Uganda and failure to notify the Diplomatic representation of Rwanda in Uganda, failure to definitively deal with terrorist groups and related incidents brought to their attention with evidence."

In his speech, Donat Kananura, the Chairman of the Rwandan Community in Uganda, saluted the bravery of the RPA soldiers in liberating the country, with Kagame at the forefront.


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