Top performers in A' Level exams share aspirations

The Ministry of Education on Monday released national examination results for Advanced Level (Senior six) and TVET (Level five) candidates of the 2019 academic year.

The New Times caught up with some of the best performers to share their aspirations.

Pacifique Ishimwe, 18, best performer in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology

I am so happy; I can’t hold it! I did a lot of research on textbooks and the internet. I didn’t depend solely on what was taught in class, I always studied more.

Ishimwe wants to become an expert in ophthalmology.

He studied at Petit Seminaire St. Kizito Zaza

Anne Natacha Ashimwe, 17, best performer in Crop Production, TVET

I wouldn’t say I did anything out of the ordinary to succeed. All I can say is that it is all down to luck. I studied like the rest, and I got luckier.”

Ashimwe wants to excel in agricultural studies so that she contributes to the development of the country’s agricultural sector.

She went to EAV Rushashi secondary school. 

Sosthene Munezero Bagira, 18, best performer in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry

“I still don’t believe it! I never expected this to happen. When you work hard, confidence comes along, and then you succeed.”

Munezero wants to become a software engineer.

He went to Remera Rukoma High School

Gerard Ndayishimiye, 18, best performer in Literature, Kiswahili, and French

I am very happy. This is something I never dreamt of or even believed I could do.

I want to be a journalist.

Ndayishimiye is a refugee from Burundi, and he attends the most overcrowded school in the country called GS Paysannat L.

Aime-Cedric Munezero, 17, best performer in Physics

I was very surprised! But I owe it all to my teachers, who gave everything they had. Also, prayer is essential to success.

Munezero wants to be a mechanical engineer.

He studied at Petit Seminaire Ndera secondary school. 

Yvette Izanyibuka, 17, best performer in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics

I am very happy; it is amazing for a young girl to succeed. I owe it all to the support from my friends, parents and teachers. I also prayed and worked hard to achieve this.

Izanyibuka wants to work in IT-related fields.

She went to ES Sancta Maria Karambo

Emelyne Gihozo, 19, best performer in masonry, TVET

God really helped me, and I studied with determination to succeed.

Gihozo wants to be an architect.

She studied at Ecole Technique St.Kizito Save

Samuel Niyigena, 18, best performer in Physics

I am very happy. I never imagined myself succeeding this much. I wanted to pass, but I never thought I would make it to the top positions.

I once participated in a science competition and lost, but I decided that it will not destroy my passion for physics.

Niyigena wants to be a mechanical engineer or architect.

He went to Groupe Scolaire Janja

Marie-Iphigenie Bera, 19, best performer in Mathematics, Physics, and Geography

What I always thought was a dream that cannot come true has happened. 

I owe all this to my friends whom we used to study together. I gave value to them, and that is why I think I succeeded.

She wants to become a mechanical engineer.

She studied at Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology.

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