Tanzania defence college students, staff tour Rwanda Peace Academy

A delegation from National Defence College (NDC) of Tanzania, in Rwanda for a one-week study tour, on Wednesday visited the Musanze-based Rwanda Peace Academy (RPA) and commended the progress registered in the country since after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. 

The delegation is led by Amb. Peter Kallaghe, the NDC  Senior Directing Staff, and comprises of college officials and senior international and national students from the military and other security organs.

Speaking to journalists after the tour, Amb. Kallaghe said the purpose of their visit was to witness at the economic development of the country, the evolution of the security sector, and generally share experience.

“We’ve learnt a lot about the destructive nature of the Genocide and how Rwanda now has recovering. Our take-home is that we are very happy and impressed with the progress that Rwanda is made in the last 24 years; the economic progress and the progress towards reconciliation,” he said.

The delegation includes student officers from 11 different countries mainly from the East Africa region, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Tanzania and China.

Their tour of Rwanda started on April 22 and will end on April 28.



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