Show us where bodies of our loved ones were dumped, say survivors

Caskets containing remains of some of the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi are lowered into a mass grave at Mukarange Genocide memorial – that’s next to Mukarange Catholic Church (in the background) – in Kayonza District, yesterday. The remains are for 10 victims whose bodies were recovered from different parts of the district in recent days. At the event, Genocide survivors pleaded with anyone who may be having information that may lead to exhumation of victims to share it so they can be accorded decent burial.

Every April 12, residents of Kayonza District and those who hail from the area, converge at Mukarange Catholic Parish Church to commemorate the Tutsi who were killed at the church during the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Over 5,000 Tutsi had fled to the church for safety when the Interahamwe militia and the genocidal army killed them after killing the parish priest, Fr. Bosco Munyaneza, who had resisted the killers.

While commemorating on Thursday, Children of Genocide victims of Mukarange in the former Muhazi Commune read names of 100 families of some of the victims, wondering if they have played well their part as new generation as well as doing what their parents could have done.

“We hope we stepped responsibly in your shoes where you were not,” said orphans.

The commemoration event included reburial of 10 remains of Genocide victims at Mukarange memorial bringing the total to those burried there to 8,717.

The orphans and Ibuka – the umbrella body for Genocide survivors – pleaded that people come forth and show the whereabouts of hundreds of bodies of the victims that have never been accounted for.

The same message was echoed by the Governor of Eastern Province, Fred Mufulukye.

“We’re pleading to whoever knows where some bodies are hidden to come out boldly and reveal it or write a note and drop it anywhere,” said Mufulukye.

One of the astonishing mystery is the disappearance of the bodies of over 200 people were killed at the nearby Anglican Church, St Peters Midiho.

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