S.6 candidate dies amidst national exams

A senior six student passed away on Sunday morning in Kirehe District a couple of days to her final national exam.

The deceased, Auxilia Umutesi, who reportedly had a chronic pancreatic illness, was a student of tourism at APAPEN Nyakarambi, a vocational school in Kirehe.

The sad news was confirmed by Gerardine Mukandarikanguye, Kirehe Vice Mayor in Charge of Social Affairs.

“She was doing the national exams. The invigilators allowed her to get out of the examination room to take medicine. On Thursday, she went to hospital and they gave her medicine and had transfusion. She went back home on Friday. Nobody could notice that she was in a critical condition. Unfortunately, this morning, she lost her life,” Mukandarikanguye said.

The deceased was a resident of Ruhanga cell, Kigina sector where the school is located.

The official said that the district has deployed cars around examination centres to transport students to hospital in case of any emergency.