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Rwandans in Sweden celebrate Kwibohora25

Some of the guests during the celebrations in Stockholm. / Cawa Media

The Rwandan Embassy in Sweden on Wednesday hosted the official Liberation Day (Kwibohora 25) celebration, an event that took place at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress centre.

The celebrations were attended by Rwandans friends of Rwanda, diplomats and representatives from the Swedish government, among others.


Speaking at the event, the second Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, Lotta J. Fornarve commended the progress made in Rwanda on many fronts, congratulating the people of Rwanda for the achievements registered over the past 25 years.


“Rwanda made a remarkable journey from one of the darkest chapters in the history of humankind to the Rwanda of today,” she said.


The second deputy speaker of the Swedish Parliament Lotta J. Fornarve speaking at the event. / Cawa Media

Rwandan Ambassador to the Nordic countries, Christine Nkulikiyinka told the audience that Rwanda’s Liberation, is a day that is profoundly cherished and celebrated by all Rwandans, owing to the freedoms that were ushered in by the liberation.

“We will eternally be thankful to the women and men who fought to liberate our country, so we could one day have peace and unity at home, in Rwanda,” she said, paying a special tribute to the young men and women of Rwanda Patriotic Army, who liberated the country.

She added: “We celebrate a unique turning point in our country’s history: the creation of a new Rwanda, where ethnic divisionism no longer exists. A Rwanda where our people stand together in unity and work hard every day to deliver the country they want for future generations,” she said.

The envoy said that currently, Rwandans are proud to have a country that values its citizens, their rights and striving to provide the quality of life they deserve.

“We celebrate a Rwanda that has achieved strong economic growth and substantial improvements in living standards,” added Nkulikiyinka, who is resident in Stockholm.

Ambassador Nkulikiyinka shares a danse with Lotta J. Fornarve during the event. / Cawa Media

Guests at the Kwibohora25 event in Stockholm. / Cawa Media

Nkulikiyinka called on Rwandans to defend the progress made over the past 25 years, while working hard to deliver the country to middle-income status and beyond.

Rwanda eyes the middle-income status in 2024.

She thanked the Swedish government for standing with Rwandans in their efforts to build a country they are proud of.

She concluded her remarks by quoting President Paul Kagame: “We all share the same aspirations to be free and to improve ourselves to the fullest extent.”

The event featured Rwandan traditional dance performance by the Stockholm based Rwandan cultural troupe.

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