Rwandans in Sudan pay tribute to liberators

Rwandans living in Sudan capital Khartoum and neighboring areas were on Wednesday joined by friends of Rwanda, heads of Diplomatic Missions, International and Regional organizations accredited to the Sudan gathered to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Rwanda liberation Day, this week.

The event which was hosted in a hotel in Khartoum was attended by more than 150 guests, among them including Ambassador Idris Ismail Faragallah, the Director General of African Affairs from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Sudan representing the host government as the guest of honor at the event.


Mufti of Rwanda, Sheikh Salim Hitimana was also in attendance. Hitimana is currently in Sudan for a working visit where he also held a meeting with Rwandan students in the International University of Africa.


In his speech, the Charge d’Affaires Shyaka Kajugiro Ismail noted that the liberation struggle and the resulting state of the nation brings a deeper feeling of patriotism and pride to Rwandan people.


“We are celebrating 24 years when combined efforts by Rwandans put an end to the Genocide and liberated the country on 4th July in 1994. Independence and liberation bring feelings of patriotism in our minds.

It reminds us the hard work and struggle of breaking chains of colonialism and oppression our country suffered. When we attained our independence in 1962, thousands of Rwandans had suffered hatred and divisionism which led to many of them to flee their country to neighbouring countries”. Kajugiro said.

He added that, “The pre-liberation leadership in our country largely ignored the country’s most precious resource – its people, they preached and practiced divisive politics and this culminated into extermination of more than a million Rwandans. Liberation reminds us of the sacrifices made to attain the freedom and the good we are enjoying today; it unites the whole Rwanda as a nation.”

The envoy further elaborated how the current leadership continues the path to bring about rule of law and reforms that touch on “nearly all aspects of public life” including the stable security, unity and reconciliation, exemplary policies in many areas from decentralization of power to women empowerment, education, health, justice, and other areas of human endeavor.

“It is by the same philosophy that the country is ranked globally as one of the safest places to live in and one of the easiest places to do business on the continent”. Kajugiro added.

Faragallah commended the Government of Rwanda and the people of Rwanda on their liberation and mentioned that Rwanda has set examples that many countries have to follow.

He affirmed good relations between both countries and emphasized on strengthening it further.

The event ended with a Dinner reception organized to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Rwanda Liberation Day.

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