Rwandans in Kenya celebrate 25 years of liberation

Rwandan community in Kenya celebrated their motherland’s 25th liberation. / Courtesy

Rwandans in Kenya over the weekend celebrated their coutry’s 25th liberation anniversary.

In an expression of solidarity, the Rwandan community in Kenya was joined by Kenyan government officials, diplomatic community, and friends of Rwanda.

The colourful event, themed “Together we Prosper”, featured prominent in the speech, performances and festivities among other expressions of patriotism. 

Richard Masozera the High Commissioner of the Republic of Rwanda to Kenya paid special tribute to RPF-Inkotanyi/RPA under the leadership of President Paul Kagame for the sacrifices made in liberating Rwanda.

To demonstrate that magnitude, the Rwandan Envoy recalled how 600 RPA soldiers deployed to protect RPF politicians as part of a peace pact were trapped behind enemy lines and outnumbered but heroically fought their way out to rescue thousands of Tutsis targeted for extermination.

“Against all odds, the RPF/RPA stopped the genocide against the Tutsi and went on to liberate the country, a campaign that has continued to this day, aimed at restoring to Rwandans universal human values of equality, fairness, reason and above all the inherent worth of every human being”, he said.

Recognizing the steadfastness of the Rwandan Diaspora in rebuilding the country, the High Commissioner reminded Rwandans that the liberation is still work in progress and that what is seen is just seeing a glimpse of Rwanda’s future and therefore a lot of work was expected of them.

“Despite enormous challenges we have encountered as a nation, Rwandans have thrived, building a nation on the cutting edge of home grown solutions in all fields, thanks to the visionary leadership of President Paul Kagame,” he said. “You have to maintain the momentum of working together for Rwanda’s future and I am challenging each one of us today to bear the responsibility for the success and future of our Country.”

Ababu Namwamba, Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Kenya stressed his Government’s commitment to the unbreakable bonds of friendship and partnership with Rwanda. The Kenyan government representative said Rwanda and Kenya share a common history, values of liberty, an open society, integration and prosperity.

“Rwanda offers us lessons as a country. We recognize the transformational leadership of President Paul Kagame, which has spearheaded economic development, stability, women empowerment, among others. Kenya takes great pride in these achievements”, he said.

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