Rwandans in China celebrate Umuganura

James Kimonyo: Umuganura is a good time to assess our harvest and define ways for improvement in the coming year for both personal and national prosperity.

The Rwandan community and friends of Rwanda in China on Friday, August 7 joined other Rwandans across the world in celebrating the national Harvest Day (Umuganura).

The celebration which was held virtually via Webex platform was presided over by James Kimonyo, the Rwandan envoy to China and was massively attended by all sections of Rwandans both students, Rwandan working in China and friends of Rwanda.


Clad in Rwandan traditional attire, imikenyero and imishanana, a few representatives of the Rwandan community who gathered at the embassy were served Rwandan traditional staple foods like maize, sorghum and milk as they danced to traditional songs.


It was all joyous as many people profoundly followed every procedure of the event.


“This is a very important celebration/ day for us, besides bonding us together to celebrate this season achievements it also reminds us and prepares us for the next season of massive harvest and the underlying necessities to have a successful harvest,”  said Jean de Dieu Cyubahiro, a student in China said.

Cyubahiro noted that this year has been marred with riotous times such Covid-19, but again as Rwandans, they had to gather and celebrate what they managed to achieve in this difficult year and strategise for the years ahead.

In his speech, Kimonyo said that Umuganura is such an important cultural festival from the ancient that is utilized to heighten unity in diversity and consolidate the achievements made by communities and the country in general.

The envoy noted that Rwanda’s achievements in many sectors mirror the importance of Umuganura.

It is also a good time to assess our harvest and define ways for improvement in the coming year for both personal and national prosperity, he said.

He added that Umuganura presents an opportune time to celebrate with one’s family and share with the needy.

He reminded the Rwandan community of their primary responsibility regarding the preservation of culture and unity for peace and prosperity.

“The culture of accountability is a key pillar of a successful harvest, it is important that we embrace it in all our daily practices,” he said.

Historically, Umuganura was arguably among the most essential ceremonies marked by Rwandans at every beginning of harvest season.

In Rwanda, the day was celebrated at the family level due to the measures in place to fight the spread of Covid-19.

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