Rwanda Diaspora explores investment opportunities in Musanze

Members of Diaspora pose for a group photo with Northern Province officials. They vowed to invest in Rwanda so as contribute to the country's progress. Photo: Régis Umurengezi

Members of the Rwandan Communities Abroad (RCAs) have expressed the will to contribute towards the development of their home country through initiating projects which benefits their compatriots at home.

The commitment was made over the weekend in Musanze District as 40 members of RCAs from 10 different countries toured the Northern Province and held talks with local officials over investment opportunities available in the province.


The Diaspora members said that during their stay abroad most of them acquire skills and experience which they believe can be used to help with the ongoing transformation process of the country.


Tom Ntagozera, who lives in Denmark and vice-president of Rwandan Diaspora Global Network noted that they look forward to mobilising Rwandans living and working abroad to exploit local investment opportunities so as to lift the country’s economy to another level.


“In Rwanda there are a number of investment opportunities like in agriculture and tourism sectors, we are therefore set to hold talks with our colleagues through our respective associations to explain them the opportunities available and we are confident to bring most of them on board so that they can invest in any sector of their choice, “he said.

“We are targeting the young people (from the Diaspora) for them to start initiating some projects at early stage in their native country and we believe this will as well awaken those who may think they should not get back to Rwanda,” added Ntagozera

Chantal Mudahogora, who lives in Canada said she was ready to use skills and experience she acquired to exploit investment opportunities seen in the Northern Province.

Speaking at the event, the Northern Province Governor Jean-Marie Vianney Gatabazi, asked the members of the Rwandan Communities Abroad to tell the world the truth about Rwanda and project the country’s ambition of the quest to seek global partnerships in doing business.

Gatabazi revealed that there were some unexploited investment opportunities in the province notably in agriculture, livestock and in hospitality sectors stressing that the sectors are lucrative.

“You should invest in modern agriculture and livestock and I am assuring that you can get commendable returns on your investment while creating employment for your compatriots,” he said.

Sandrine Uwimbabazi Maziyateke, the Director of RCAs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, stressed that the country has put in place a progressive investment policy which the diaspora community should take advantage of.

“It is now 25 years after dark history that we went through, the country has been rebuilt in terms of infrastructure, security and inclusive investment policy has been put in place as well,” she told the members of RCAs

Adding, “We are asking Rwandans who live abroad to strive to know a number of things that are now happening in Rwanda and decide what they should be part of through their investments.”

Members of RCAs tour the Northern Province for investment opportunities on an annual basis since 2017. In 2018 they launched in the province a poultry and piggery project in a bid to lift youth especially unemployed graduates from poverty.

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