Rwamagana: How RPF inspired former teacher to aim higher

Rwamagana residents who say they witnessed sustained transformation in their lives have promised to vote foe the RPF-Inkotanyi candidates in the up coming parliamentary election. .

One of them is Jerome Kayiranga, who 11 years ago left Kamonyi District for Rwamagana District to start a new chapter in his life. He shared his story on Saturday at a campaign rally at Musha ground.


He said he tries to aim higher thanks to the advices from President Paul Kagame who is also RPF Chairman.


“When I talk about RPF-Inkotanyi, I want to speak like a preacher in the church. I feel proud,” he said.


Kayiranga was born in Kamonyi District. When the Genocide against the Tutsi broke out in 1994 he was a senior five student. It was after the RPF intervened to halt the killings that he was able to return to school.

After his high school, Kayiranga became a teacher at Kamonyi for four years where he was earning a monthly salary worth Rwf18,600.

“I moved from Kamonyi in 2003, I went to seek for new pastures in Ngoma District. Then RPF-Inkotanyi offered opportunity for private universities to start operating in Rwanda, because before, there was only one public university, in  Butare,” he explained.

He enrolled at University of Kibungo (UNIK) where he refined his teaching skills and experience. Hi salary was raised to Rwf23,600 after graduation.

In 2007, Kayiranga decided to move to Rwamagana. He started earning Rwf100,000 a month before swapping his public service job with farming in 2014.

“I started visiting model farmers. Then I decided to start modern poultry for eggs. I started with 500 chickens in November 2014,” he said, adding that “after four months, they started laying eggs, and life at home started changing. After five months I started upgrading my house,” recalled Kayiranga.

Today, Kayiranga earns Rwf300,000 every month from his poultry business which has grown to 1,000 birds.

Aiming higher

“I am talking to a bank, I want to expand my poultry business. In one year, I want to have around 3,000 chicken, making between 1.5 and 2 million every month,” he said.

“With RPF-Inkotanyi support, I will certainly achieve my aspirations.  It has given me hope, I feel determination in me,” he said, adding that President Kagame, is his role model.

The RPF candidates outlined to the residents the party’s plans going forward.

Alphonsine Murekatete, the party’s candidate from Rwamagana, said the campaign is an opportunity to remind each other of the achievements of the party.

Odette Uwamariya, another candidate, said that parliamentary polls came at a very important time after the party Chairman, Kagame, presented his plans to the nation for the next seven years.

She said that the lawmakers are some of the people to help him implement his agenda.

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