Rubavu: Two more suspects arrested over mob justice

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has arrested two more suspects (a man and woman) in Rubavu District, who are suspected of intentionally assaulting one Salomon Niyonzima, 24, who later died in hospital.

Those arrested were identified as Jean-Claude Ntirenganya, who was beating Niyonzima, and Afisa Naberaho who is also suspected of being involved in this immoral act.


This follows the arrest of three others last week on March 27.


As the Investigation continues, says RIB, all suspects are now in custody at Gisenyi RIB Station, Rubavu District.


The investigation unfolded after a video went viral on social media, showing Niyonzima, 24, being subjected to mob justice, as he was being held by four men.

The video also shows other people surrounding the scene, some of them laughing and encouraging the beating “to teach the suspect a lesson”.

Local officials from the area confirmed that Niyonzima was seriously beaten after he was caught red-handed stealing bananas.

After being beaten, a weak Niyonzima was left in the banana plantation from where he was beaten and was too weak to move and only made it to his home the following day.

He was then taken to hospital from where he succumbed a few days later.

In an interview with The New Times last week, Commissioner of Police John Bosco Kabera, the Police Spokesperson, said that no one should take the law in their hands.

He said: “We urge Rwandans to always inform nearby authorities whenever a crime takes place instead of taking the law in their own hands. Crime can’t be corrected by another crime.”

Article 121 of Rwanda’s Penal Code stipulates that any person who, willfully injures, beats or commits any serious violence against another person, commits an offense.

Upon conviction, he/she is liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than three years and not more than five years and a fine of not less than Rwf500,000 and not more than Rwf1,000,000.

Another clause of this article also explains that if assault or battery has caused death, the penalty is imprisonment for a term of not less than 15 years and not more than 20 years and a fine of not less than five Rwf5,000,000 and not more than Rwf7,000,000.

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