RPF elects leaders at district level

RPF members during the elections in Rwamagana District yesterday. / Jean de Dieu Nsabimana

After choosing its leaders at district level on Saturday, Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF-Inkotanyi) are one step away from concluding the series of elections that were started from grassroots on May 11.

They have already elected members of committees of youth and women leagues, as well as the executive committees at village, cell and sector levels, and now this weekend, in the 30 districts of the country.

Each committee is made of seven members, except in youth league, which votes three extra members who get special seats in the executive committee.

Radjab Mbonyumuvunyi, who is also the mayor of Rwamagana District, was re-elected RPF chairperson of the district on Saturday. / Jean de Dieu Nsabimana

The next and only remaining level waiting for new RPF leaders is the four provinces and City of Kigali, with the elections slated next weekend, June 15 and 16.

The elected leaders have a five-year term.

Radjab Mbonyumuvunyi, re-elected chairperson in Rwamagana District with 373 votes, said: “The activities I am going to do are the pledges by the national RPF chairperson, which are expressed in our manifesto.”

“We will keep working together to achieve what is in interest of the party and the members, but most importantly, the citizens of this nation, because when the Chairman stated his plans for the country, they were not meant just for the cadres; they were for all Rwandans,” he explained.

Mbonyumuvunyi said that they are going to prioritise economic development, especially creating jobs for the youth and women, and modernising agriculture which is a predominant sector in the district.

Mbonyumuvunyi, who is also mayor of the district, said both responsibilities match with each other.

Claire Mukasine, the RPF Commissioner for Elections, told The New Times that: “The higher the level of our elections, the more outstanding it gets and the participation getshigher than in previous stages.

As the elections have been successful from the beginning, the cadres should keep  participating the next and final stage,” she encouraged.