PSD pledges to end water shortage

City dwellers draw water from a public source. File.

Social Democratic Party (PSD) candidates yesterday promised Kicukiro residents to end the frequent water shortage once in parliament.

They made the pledge Saturday while campaigning in Kigali City.


Pélagie Uwera, said water was there, but much was needed in order to help city residents live a better life.


“City residents have to be clean and if you give us more votes, PSD will make sure we have enough water for every citizen.


She said they could use water from rivers like Nyabarongo and others, so that it is used by city residents as they need more water than others.

“We can’t say we don’t have water in Rwanda, however it’s badly used. We will see how to increase the budget for water purification and distribution because water is life,” she said.

Theodomir Minani, in charge of youth at PSD, said even the available water was not distributed fairly among residents due to old infrastructure.

“We will work to increase water distribution to all residents, and help them to take rain water in order to use it in their homes,” he said.

Frodouard Sabyondo from Kigarama sector in Gasabo said they were glad to hear that PSD thought about water shortage and they plan to bring solutions to this problem.

“Here, we dry taps many days a week and there are others who lack it completely. We know it’s a problem of bad distribution lines but we need it sorted,” he said.

PSD candidates also pledged to fight against domestic violence, promote access to birth control for all and ending Gacaca court decisions concerning properties, among others.


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