Prosecution wins bail appeal in hotel rape case

Prosecution has won a custody appeal in an ongoing rape case, which recently attracted public interest on social media.

The National Public Prosecution Authority this week won an appeal against bail granted to a suspect in an ongoing rape case, which recently attracted public interest on social media.

The case involves a young woman who used to work as a waitress at a Chinese hotel in Kigali. She wasallegedly raped by her employer – the proprietor.

The crime reportedly took place at the same hotel, Beijing Restaurant and Hotel in Kiyovu. She had only worked there for less than a month.

Following the incidence, the suspect was summoned by investigators, released, and re-arrested and later released on grounds of given provisional liberty.

However, according to Prosecutor General, Jean Bosco Mutangana, his office appealed his release.

On Thursday, the court upheld prosecution’s appeal and the suspect was arrested to serve provisional detention order as investigators to establish a substantive case.

Mutangana told The New Times that the decision by the court was based on the account of prosecution that there are serious grounds to believe that a crime was committed.

Prior to the development, the case had stirred controversy on social media following the victim’s  frustrations that the suspected rapist is free, going about his daily business, yet she and her family are still suffering from the after effects of the incident.

The victim, who could not keep her job at the hotel, had confided in a family member, who - with consent - took to social media to demand quick delivery of justice.

“My cousin was tied down and raped by her boss in Kigali. She called police after and they reported immediately. She received medical care and evidence of rape was collected same day. It’s been more than two months today and she hasn’t been called to court.” Chantal Umuhoza had posted on her twitter account in January.

Mutangana said that his office remains committed to successfully prosecute gender based violence cases and providing necessary support to victims.

Among the support extended by his office include counselling services, witness and victim protection among others. 

According to statistics from office of the Prosecutor, the conviction rate of cases related to sexual and gender-based violence is 90 per cent.

The case is still in the preliminary stages of gathering evidence.




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