Political parties' forum gets new leaders

The new spokesperson of the Political Party Forum, Théogène Munyangeyo, speaking at parliament./The New Times

The National Consultative Forum of Political Organizations (NFPO) has elected Member of Parliament Théogène Munyangeyo and Eugénie Musanabaganwa as the forum's spokesperson and vice-spokesperson respectively.

Munyangeyo, who was elected by consensus, comes from the Liberal Party (PL) while Musanabaganwa is from the Party for Solidarity and Progress (PSP). 


The electorate was made up of 43 voters representing 11 political parties that operate in the country, in an election that was held at the Forum's headquarters in Kacyiru.


Munyangeyo succeeds PS Imberakuri's Christine Mukabunani, while Musanabaganwa replaced Abbas Mukama of the Ideal Democratic Party (PDI).


They will head the forum for the next six months.

“We would like to thank the outgoing committee. They worked hard and we will look up to them so as to fulfill our mission,” said Munyangeyo who is also the national vice-chairperson and founding member of PL.

Munyangeyo is also is the chairperson of the Standing Committee on Economy and Trade in the Lower Chamber of Parliament. 

“Despite the differences as political organisations, we look forward to ensuring the continued contribution of political parties in the development of our country,” Munyangeyo said.

Musanabaganwa is the national in-charge of mobilization in PSP. She has been serving in the communication commission in the forum.

She also sits on the National Women Council.

The forum brings together all the 11 political parties where they convene periodically to discuss pressing issues affecting the country and devise common solutions.




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