Polish investors explore agric opportunities in Rwanda

Lucky Philip, Senior Investment Promotion Officer at Rwanda Development Board (L), and Killion Munyama, a Polish MP during the delegation’s visit to RDB offices on Tuesday. / Courtesy.

A group of investors and Members of Parliament from Poland are in Rwanda to explore investment opportunities in the agriculture among other sectors.

The delegation of about 10 is in the country on the invitation of the Rwanda Development Board and is reviewing opportunities in the country, mostly in agriculture sector.

The firms represented are involved in the agriculture sector in value addition, machinery, and mechanisation as well as food production. The delegation also has representatives from the solar energy sector.

Jakub Jazdon, a member of the delegation, is the founder of Onix, one of the largest value addition firms in Poland that processes over 100,000 tonnes of vegetables annually.

Jazdon told The New Times that they are keen on diversifying into Africa and were considering the suitability of Rwanda.

With more food demand on the continent, Jazdon said that there are opportunities in the agriculture sector as well as value addition, which among other aspects, require investors with experience and modern approaches.

The delegation of about 10 is in the country on the invitation of the Rwanda Development Board and is reviewing opportunities in the country, mostly in the agriculture sector. courtesy

Jazdon also noted that, while in the country, they are seeking potential exports to Poland which are not readily available in their market. Among the products so far identified, he said, include coffee, fruits and spices.

He said that, so far, they have identified aspects where they have better technology and capacity that if applied in the country would boost productivity.

Killion Munyama, a Member of Parliament who is part of the delegation, told The New Times that, during the trip, they are also collecting data, making connections to be able to pursue investment opportunities identified so far.

Munyama, who is also the Chairperson of the parliamentary team on Africa, said that, for instance, the entrance of American fast food outlet KFC to the country is an opportunity as the outlet is currently importing inputs, including chicken and potatoes. This, he said, presents an opportunity for local farmers and producers.

Members of the delegation also expressed interest in Gabiro Agribusiness Hub Project (GAHP), a commercial agricultural ecosystem developing an advanced modern value chain of approximately 15,600 hectares of arable land.

The project already has advanced water infrastructure, cutting-edge irrigation systems, high-value agro-processing operations and other agriculture technology activities.

Poland is known for expertise and capacity in the industrial sector, specifically manufacturing as well as value addition and exports of food to most of Central and Eastern Europe.


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