Police recover 44 computers stolen from Burera school

Police spokesperson for Northern region, CIP Alexis Rugigana confirms that Police recovered 44 among the 46 stolen computers at GS Kagogo. / Régis Umurengezi

Police in Northern Province’s Burera District on Wednesday recovered 44 computers which had been stolen from Groupe Scolaire (GS) Kagogo from the district’s Kagogo Sector.

The computers, according to GS Kagogo authorities, had been stolen the previous night by unknown thugs who broke into two computer labs while the school guards were inspecting other parts of the compound.

The school’s head of studies, Aimable Muzima, told The New Times that the stolen computers are normally used by high school students.

“The stolen computers were the ones of the ‘Positivo’ brand, which are normally used by our high school students. The thieves broke into two smart classrooms which contain 50 computers each after digging the backside of the rooms,” he said.

He said that the school managers got to know about the incident in the morning at around 4a.m. while the school guards were screaming for help after realising that 46 computers were already stolen from the smart classrooms.

As the guards were calling for help, Police from the area intervened and intercepted 44 among the stolen computers as confirmed by Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Alexis Rugigana, the Police spokesperson for the Northern region.

“Through existing collaboration with residents, Police have successfully intercepted 44 computers which had been stolen by yet to be known thieves. But we couldn’t manage to recover the other two computers at the scene,” he said.

Rugigana also said that the Police have launched investigations into the matter in order to bring the culprits to book.

“We have never ceased our operations in efforts to recover those two computers that are still missing. What is obvious is that they will never go missing as our investigations are so far promising,” the officer said.

He added that Police together with other partners in crime prevention are currently maximising their efforts to recover all stolen computers that the government had offered to schools within the province, which are estimated at about 500 laptops stolen so far.