Police: General security good during New Year celebrations

Rwandans turned up in large numbers to witness fireworks at Kigali Convention Center as Police ensured security. Emmanuel Kwizera.

Rwandans by and large celebrated responsibly and put safety first during the New Year celebrations, Rwanda National Police (RNP) said.

Police Spokesperson, Commissioner of Police (CP), John Bosco Kabera, told The New Times on Tuesday that there were “no unusual incidents” as there was calm all over the country as Rwandans from all walks of life ushered in the New Year save for some 18 road accidents countrywide where only one life was lost in Nyamasheke District.

“Generally, security went well in the past 24 hours in all parts of the country. There were no unusual security incidents apart from the situation on our roads where we recorded 18 traffic accidents. Only one was fatal, in Nyamasheke District, where a male pedestrian died.”

Majority of the accidents, he said, were minor.

“In all, there were five drunk drivers including one who caused a minor accident. And then there were no cases of noise pollution since it appears that the public enjoyed responsibly. People are generally following regulations and not disturbing others with noise. The public also properly used the Police emergency lines whenever necessary and we appreciate and commend this effort.”

The Police have appealed to people holding musical shows and over-night prayers to continue to do so in a manner that does not affect the celebrations and social wellbeing of others.

On Monday, the Police called on Rwandans to celebrate responsibly and to put safety first.

Kabera said: “We again thank the public and urge people to continue celebrating responsibly and to put safety first.”