Police: Eight accidents recorded on Christmas Day, one fatality

At least one person is reported to have been killed in one of the eight accidents that were recorded countrywide on Christmas Day, according to information from Rwanda National Police.

According to Commissioner of Police John Bosco Kabera, the Spokesperson of Rwanda National Police, the accidents also resulted into at least 30 injuries.

Kabera told The New Times that the most deadly accident took place in Kamonyi District Southern Province in which one person was left dead, five seriously injured while 17 sustained minor injuries.

The accident took place at Kibuza in Gacurabwenge Sector where a bus went off road.

He also said that another serious accident occurred in Muhanga District also in Southern Province and left four with serious injuries and six with minor injuries.

Other six minor accidents injured nine people in the districts of Rubavu District, Kayonza, Muhanga, Rulindo and Gakenke.

No serious accident was recorded in the City of Kigali, according to Kabera, who called upon the public to enjoy responsibly and avoid driving while drunk, which he said is the major catalyst for accidents.