Police covers medical insurance premiums for 3,000 vulnerable residents

ACP Célestin Twahirwa hands over a dummy cheque for medical insurance cover to local authorities in Bugesera District. / Courtesy

Rwanda National Police (RNP), on Tuesday, handed over about 3,000 medical insurance premiums (Mutuelle de Santé) to vulnerable people selected from different parts of the country.

The medical insurance cover is part of the Police Month human security and community policing activities launched mid-last month.

The handover was done during the community meetings popularly known as Umugoroba w’Ababyeyi, a social cohesion activity conducted in villages every Tuesday, bringing together elders to discuss varied community issues related to security and development.

Beneficiaries were selected by the same fora.

While handing over 600 insurance cards to beneficiaries in Cyuve Sector of Musanze District, the commandant of National Police College (NPC), Commissioner of Police (CP) Christophe Bizimungu said that there is no security where the people are sick.

“RNP works for the people and your health is equally our responsibility, you can’t contribute to security when you are sick. Stay healthy and safe and be part of national security by reporting drug dealers, gender-based violence and teenage pregnancy, conserve the environment; work in unison in activities that will improve your social wellbeing,” Bizimungu told the residents.

In Kayonza District where RNP gave out 1000 medical insurance cards to selected beneficiaries in the sectors of Mwili and Ndego, CP Vianney Nshimiyimana, the commandant of Police Training School (PTS) Gishari, told the residents that “sustainable security is achieved when the Police and the people work together to address issues that give rise to crime, by sharing information on anything that can affect their social wellbeing.”

“Security is not only about the physical threat but also the health of the people, if you are sick you are not secure. We want secure and healthy Rwandans,” CP Nshimiyimana said.

Alphonse Ngarambe, the district director of health for Kayonza, said that the public is breadwinners from a partnership with the Police since security lays the foundation for them to engage in other development activities at all times.

“Human life is invaluable, that’s why our Police go beyond physical security to ensuring healthy living for Rwandans. That means you are part of the security framework wherever you are,” Ngarambe told the residents.

In Bugesera District where RNP covered medical insurance premiums for 1000 people (195 families) in Rweru Sector, ACP Célestin Twahirwa the commandant of Counter-Terrorism Training Centre (CTTC) Mayange said that it’s within the mandate of RNP as a proactive force, to be part of the country’s development.

“A healthy body and mind is a secure one,” ACP Twahirwa said, urging residents to work together in security and development programmes.

John Gakwerere, the director of social affairs in Bugesera, thanked RNP for being a people-centred force and challenged the residents to be the source of their safety and security by reporting wrongdoers.

Beneficiaries speak out

Vincent de Paul Rukongi, one of the beneficiaries of medical insurance in Rweru said that the recent drought destroyed their crops and affected their standards of living.

“Even in such circumstances, we are always happy because our leaders always think about us, our Police thinks about wellbeing and our health in particular,” Rukongi said.

He added: “Such acts of human security remind us of what we stand for as Rwandans in fighting and preventing crimes and supporting our country’s development.”

Scovia Matibori of Mwili in Kayonza, whose family of eight received medical insurance, said that she was facing challenges as a single mother to provide basic needs including health insurance.

“It’s a pride to us as Rwandans to have a Police that doesn’t only care for our physical security but also our health,” Matibori said.

CP Christophe Bizimungu addresses residents of Cyuve Sector in Musanze District during Umugoroba w'Ababyeyi on Tuesday. / Courtesy

CP Vianney Nshimiyimana handing over a medical insurance card to a beneficiary in Mwili Sector. / Courtesy


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