Places ICASA delegates can visit after their busy week

The Kigali city tour Bus does makes a round at the main CBD roundabout. File

As the International Conference on AID'S and STI's (ICASA 2019)  comes to an end this Saturday, ICASA delegates who wish to stay and explore Kigali and Rwanda in general, can visit some of the following places in Rwanda.

The Kigali Genocide Memorial

This memorial is one of the several Genocide memorial sites in the country. It was set up to not only honour the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, but also for the world to have a glimpse into the country’s tragic past.

Located in Gisozi, a Kigali suburb, the memorial is a final resting place to over 250,000 victims of the genocide, mainly those who died from Kigali and its peripheries.

It is located on KG 14 Ave, Kigali.

Inema Art centre

Located in the heart of Kigali, Inema Art Centre is a major art exhibition centre in East Africa. It is open from 8:30 to 6:30pm every day of the week for art exhibitions but also has yoga classes, happy hour and dance performances through the week.

Go on a Kigali city tour

This is a tour around the city on the Kigali city sightseeing bus that is available every Monday to Saturday. One can choose to go for a morning tour at 9 am, an afternoon tour at 2pm or an evening tour at 7pm.

The tour goes to 60 historical and contemporary destinations around Kigali.

Kigali Cultural Village

The Kigali cultural Village is a centre where Rwandans come to exhibit local art crafts, food and other items.

It is a must visit for someone who wishes to explore Rwandan culture.

Volcanoes National park

This park is located in north-western Rwanda and has eight volcanoes in that form the Virunga Mountains.

It is home to the rare mountain gorillas, monkeys, elephants and several wildlife and also offers gorilla treks and hikes. Visitors are required to come by 7am if they wish to have a gorilla trekking experience on the same day.

Nyungwe National Park

Tourists enjoy the view of Nyungwe National Park while on the canopy walkway./ Courtesy

Delegates that wish to experience wildlife and a road trip out of Kigali will find Nyungwe National park to be a fun place.

It is home to various Chimpanzees, monkeys and also has a canopy walk for those that are up for a little adventure.

Tourists can also choose to go on a hike on the 13 hiking trails or watch some of the wildlife in the park and rainforest.

Visit the Kandt House Musuem

Dr. Richard Kandt was the first colonial governor of Rwanda representing Germany, until the early 1900s. And, the house he built, the first modern house in Kigali, is now a museum is named after him.

This house belonged to German colonial Resident Governor, Kandt. 

The house is believed to be one of the oldest ‘modern architectural’ buildings in Kigali.

It served from around 1907 to 1914, as the administrative residence of the first German colonial Resident Governor, Kandt, after he arrived in the country in 1898.

It is an educative experience for those who wish to learn about Rwanda's history during colonial rule

Meanwhile, delegates can also get a test of Kigali’s night life and entertainment spots that are packed with action this weekend in different suburbs of the city.

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