Ntibanyendera wants to promote accountability

Independent parliamentary candidate, Ellisam Salim Ntibanyendera, has vowed to end the misuse of public funds by eradicating impunity incase of embezzlement, if elected to parliament.

 He was speaking to The New Times ahead of his third day of campaigns in Gicumbi District.

Parliamentary candidate Salim Ntibanyendera. courtesy. 

“There have been reports of government projects that are delayed or poorly implemented. This mismanagement affects the population’s welfare because it increases public and government expenditure which in turn slows the growth of our economy,” he said.

 Ndibanyendera said that the issue of public fund mismanagement was interrelated with corruption. If elected, he would strive to curb all forms of corruption by making sure the corrupt are punished, he said.

Ntibanyendera said that the education sector had been undergoing many reforms over the years which affects teachers and students. He wants to advocate for more stability in the sector by ensuring effective long-term planning and monitoring.

Taking into consideration that old age comes with a number of hitches that range from unrelenting illnesses to constant dependence, he wants to also advocate for effective old age care, by making sure that senior citizens get proper healthcare by allowing them to be covered by their children’s  RAMA health insurance.

“Some people proposed it during the previous Umushyikirano (National Dialogue) but nothing came of it yet it would help them age gracefully.’’

Ntibanyendera also wants to preserve Rwandan uniqueness and traditional culture. One thing that preoccupies him is Kinyarwanda language being mixed with other languages, which can lead to losing its identity.