No fatal accident recorded on Christmas Eve

Police Spokesperson CP John Bosco Kabera. Photo: File.

It has been a norm for many people to ‘have fun’ ahead Christmas, some in churches and others in bars and pubs, among other places.

This, in the past years, has been leading to people driving under influence (DUI), which at times leads to accidents, fatal accidents.

This Christmas Eve however, was different.

Police figures indicate that nine road accidents happened, with zero fatalities and none of them being caused by driving under influence.

Most of these accidents are cars hitting trees or electricity poles.

Speaking to The New Times, Commissioner of Police John Bosco Kabera, the spokesperson of the National Police explained why there was a minimum of accidents.

“I think people are becoming compliant and with Gerayo Amahoro campaign, coupled with strict enforcement. We shall continue to reduce these accidents.”

Kabera further explained that most of the road accidents could be avoided.

“It is important to note that, according to World Health Organization report , 80 percent of accidents are avoidable.”

“They (accidents) are caused by reckless driving and inappropriate behavior, which is the reason why Gerayo Amahoro aims at educating all road users for behavioral change.”

Kabera called upon the public to work with the police in making the roads safer.

“We call up all road users to heed police advice and all stakeholders to continue working with police in order to have safer roads for all.”

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