With new head offices, Gasabo promises better service delivery

The new Gasabo District office complex to be inaugurated today. According to an official, people seeking service from the district will no longer struggle to get parking for their cars, thanks to the new facility. Sam Ngendahimana.

People seeking service from Gasabo District will no longer struggle to get parking for their cars, among other inconveniences, thanks to the new district office complex to which the district relocated on Tuesday, an official has said.

Raymond Chrétien Mberabahizi, the district vice mayor for finance and economic development, confirmed this to The New Times ahead of the inauguration of the new premises.

He said that the previous premises lacked ample parking space for people who sought for services from the district.

“Some people have been parking their vehicles on the roadside. And, apart from the parking fee that they had to pay, they were worried about the security of their cars because they could be damaged by other cars passing by, or otherwise,” he said. “This problem is going to be addressed as the district’s complex has a parking capacity to accommodate about 260 cars.”

Gasabo District Head office which will be occupied today is another addition to Kigali’s growing skylines. Sam Ngendahimana.

The new offices are based at Gishushu.

Mberabahizi said that the district has been working in tiny area, too small to accommodate the employees and district property

The new building, he said, will host district employees and other employees of Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA).

“There will be a rapid internet-powered system such that the staff will be using digital means than paperwork,” Mberabahizi stated. “We are improving service delivery by use of ICT…this will also help offer transparency in service deliver,” he said.

The six-storey building, with one basement, he said, has so far cost about Rwf5.5 billion. The total cost is expected to rise to Rwf7 billion if the installation of office furniture and equipment that will be needed by the workers as well as CCTV cameras is factored in, he said.

Completion of the building faced delays, which district authorities attributed to the shortage of cement in the country and heavy rains that disrupted construction activities.

The district employs an estimated 85 people. It has a population of 660,000 people, who largely visit the district offices seeking for land related services and construction permits.


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