New app to ease service for MTN Rwanda subscribers

The Senior Manager Operations at MTN Rwanda Desire Rudahunga (C) explains about New MyMTNapp during the news conference as product developers Rene Nzabakira (L) and Sebastian Vonen look on. Nadege Imbabazi

MTN Rwanda subscribers will now access different services on their smartphones via the telecom’s newly-launched mobile application ‘MyMTN App’, a self-care tool enabling users to self-serve and engage with customer service online.

The application is already available for all MTN post-paid and prepaid smartphone subscribers and can be downloaded for free from app stores such as Apple Store, Google Play and Blackberry World.

The application will allow MTN customers with smartphones to easily purchase airtime, data bundles by directly transacting via the Mobile Money platform.

Launching the app Tuesday at MTN Rwanda headquarters, Desire Rudahunga, MTN’S Senior Manager for Operations, said the facility comes in line with fast growing smartphone penetration in the country while it gives subscribers greater control of their own mobile services so that they can solve issues without having to contact company representatives.

 “It is a step forward toward our goal of making easy our customer service.  Most of the transactions that had been previously done via USSD codes will be done directly with the app and our customers will no longer need to memorise multiple short codes that are currently being used in different transactions,” he said.

Arthur Rutagengwa, MTN’s Senior Manager, Mobile Money, said the application is in line with the telecom’s commitment to ensure customer satisfaction while encouraging customers to start using the application.

“It is important to mention that customers will be able to have a different experience from now going forward. We believe that the application is a very good way to go. It is easy to use, it is personalised and does not require any extra cost either in downloading it or in doing transactions with it,” he said, adding that all the security features that are on the USSD menu will still be availed on MyMTN App.

MyMTN exists in two main platforms, namely Mobile Money and MyMTN self-care.

For Mobile Money, the five-digit pin that customers usually use via USSD format is used to login to access Mobile Money transactions via MyMTN.

For MTN Self-Care, an account is created, and the user will from then on be able to access self-care services with his/her set password.

Additionally, login is supported by an SMS code to ensure security of customers’ details.

Sebastian Skaugvoll, the product developer, said people will simply access plenty of services via MyMTN App, while more services will be included as they are looking to revamp the customer experience to a higher level.

“We have been trying to make the application easy for use to facilitate customers accessing different services without any challenge,” he said.

With the application, now developed in English, a customer can transfer money, access Mobile Money transaction history, interact with customer service agents, locate the closest MTN Service Centre and make automated payments like electricity and water bills.

Customers can also reset their MoMo pins, top up or borrow airtime as well as purchasing data bundles.

The use of the application, however, does not mean that it replaces MTN’s current USSD format, officials said, adding that the application was introduced just to give customers a choice on what is suitable for them.