Motorists upbeat over extension of motor-vehicle inspection hours

Motorists in the country have welcomed the extension of operating hours at the Motor-vehicle Mechanical Inspection Centre (MIC), saying it has improved service delivery.

Rwanda National Police (RNP), last week announced the extension of working hours at the facility to midnight.

The new changes also reduced time after booking for inspection from 24 hours waiting period to just one hour.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police, Jean Marie Ndushabandi, the spokesperson for Traffic and Road Safety Department, the changes were informed by the need to improve efficiency and effectiveness in offering better services.

“It’s all about facilitating motorists to excess services without any burdens and without affecting their businesses,” Ndushabandi said.

“The reduction of the waiting hours and increase in operating hours will encourage more drivers to go for the inspection services, thus preventing accidents resulting from mechanical faults,” he added.

The new changes, Ndushabandi said, increased the capacity of inspection from 650 to about 900 vehicles every day.

“The experience today is by far good compared to when I was last here. I arrived 15 minutes late and officers here helped, the time one spends here is now much more predictable and facilitates forward planning… I don’t have to be back the following day for a certificate of inspection,” said Gilbert Muhirwa, a resident of Kayonza District.

Another motor taxi operator, Jean Bosco Karangwa, said that: “Everything is automated and transparent.  This issue of waiting for long and irregular hours was a serious hindrance some drivers would be tempted to give bribes. Such good services also prevents acts of corruption.”

What is required for inspection?

Upon arrival at Motor-vehicle Inspection Centre (MIC), the driver is required to present appointment SMS, proof of payment, vehicle logbook, copies of national ID, driver’s license, insurance and the original copy of the expired MIC certificate.

Unscrupulous drivers

Police also warned some unscrupulous drivers, who mislead and lie to their bosses that extra payments other than what is provided by law, is required in order to access the motor-vehicle inspection (MIC) services.

Ndushanbandi wondered why some people would fall for such lies in such a clear and very open process.

“We received some reports that this is taking place and being perpetrated by drivers. No other payment required other than what is stated in the law, and no payment made to an individual. These are intolerable acts of corruption that shouldn’t be entertained whatsoever,” Ndushabandi said.