Mothers to babies born on Christmas recount their joy

Aline Niyitegeka, a mother from Kicukiro District, with her new born after a safe delivery at La Croix du Sud in Kigali yesterday. Emmanuel Kwizera.

A mini survey conducted by The New Times established that 25 babies were born on Christmas Day in seven hospitals that availed information to The New Times.

Mothers across the country recounted their joy for delivering safely at the same time the world celebrated Christmas Day, the day Jesus Christ was born.

Aline Niyitegeka, a new mother from Kicukiro District was found filled with joy at around 1:00pm as she cuddled her baby that she delivered at La Croix du Sud Hospital.

“I arrived here around 8:30 a.m and I was given meticulous care. I was expecting to give birth between December 17 and 22 but it went up to Christmas Day, which is really joyful for me.

The mother has named her son “Hervis Mucyo”.

“I named him Mucyo ‘light’ because it is light shining on our family. Christians say Jesus has appeared to us in light and that is why I gave the name Mucyo to my baby,” she said.

She said that this was triple celebration for her; a new baby boy, Christmas and her ten-year wedding anniversary.

Diane Nyiramigisha from Muko Sector in Musanze District was among other lucky mothers at Ruhengeri Hospital who gave birth on Christmas Eve.

“It was at exactly midnight when I delivered, I am very happy because I delivered at the same time as Mary the mother of Jesus. Glory be to Lord,” she said.

Nyiramigisha had a natural birth, which she said was yet another blessing and thus her baby boy was named Emmanuel Gasana Turikumwe.

The name Emmanuel is a reflection of Christmas since in Matthew’s Gospel Jesus is called Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us”.

According to bible teachings, when the conception of Jesus was announced to Joseph who was betrothed to Mary, the angel Gabriel appeared and told him that the son to be borne by his fiancé would be called Emmanuel.

Véstine Nyiramahirwe, 29, delivered her first child on Christmas Day by caesarean at around 12: 00 pm at Gisenyi Hospital in Rubavu District and she named her baby Noella Akuzwe.

For Nyiramahirwe, delivering on Christmas was the perfect gift for her.

“I can’t really express how joyful I am right now. My daughter has been born on the same day as Jesus Christ; this is the perfect gift that heaven sent to me and as a Christian, I believe this is a miracle from God since I could have died during birth,” she noted.

The director of Ruhengeri Hospital, Dr. Abdallah Jean Nepo Utumatwishima, told The New Times that all the children born on Christmas were healthy.