More Burundi refugees arrive

Twenty-five Burundians yesterday crossed the border to Rwanda to seek asylum.

The group, made up of 15 children, seven women and three men, was received at Nemba border post and transferred to Gashora Transit Camp in Bugesera District

Authorities did not reveal what prompted them to seek refuge in Rwanda but said there was always a steady flow of Burundian asylum seekers into the country.

But according to the camp manager, Simon Nkurayiza, it was unusual to receive such a large number in one day, in the recent past.

“Every month, we take groups of new arrivals to Mahama refugee camp after receiving them here in the transit camp. Last month we took about 60 of them,” he said.

Currently, Rwanda hosts over 56,000 Burundian refugees in Mahama camp in Kirehe District Eastern Province, while others sought refuge in cities, especially in Kigali.