Meteo Rwanda issues fresh weather warning

Heavy rains, winds, and floods could be experienced across the country heading into the weekend. File

The public has been warned to take caution as heavy rains and storms are expected heading into the weekend.

Rwanda Meteorology Agency, or Meteo Rwanda, issued the advisory Thursday evening. 


It says moderate to heavy rain between 10 and 40 millimetres is expected across the country through the three days.


The weatherman warns that the rain will be enhanced particularly in Southern Province and the south of Western Province from Friday-Saturday.


“This is due to win convergence coupled with high moisture associated with Inter Tropical Convergence Zone which is over the Equatorial region where Rwanda is located,” reads part of the advisory.

Water levels are expected to rise in rivers which may lead to impacts in many parts of the country, the weatherman says.

The forecast cites Huye, Nyaruguru, Nyamagabe, Nyamasheke, and Rusizi districts among those most vulnerable.

It also shows that “we will experience wind speed ranging between 5 and 10 m/s and may lead to moderate impacts especially in eastern Province.”

“Contingency measures should therefore be put in place to avoid the likelihood of negative impacts which may be associated with heavy rainfalls,” it adds.

The weatherman also tweeted that disasters might occur since the rainfall will be in continuity for the given days, likely resulting from floods and landslides.

But the advisory urges the public to “take full advantage of this rainfall period.”

Earlier this week, Germaine Kamayirese the Minister for Emergency Management, announced that five people were killed by floods and heavy rains across the country this month.

She advised people living in high-risk zones to temporarily relocate to safer places during the current rainy season, which runs up through December.

Jean Marie Vianney Niyitegeka, of Rwanda Meteorology Agency, recently warned people against taking shelter under trees as well as parking vehicles in flood-prone areas.

He also asked people to check if ceilings of their houses are firmly fixed.

The ministry has also warned against leaving electronics connected to electricity when it is raining, among other risky behaviours, during this rainy season.

It said 63 people died from rainfall-related disasters such as floods, heavy rains, and landslides across the country last year alone. 

Floods and landslides killed 124 people and destroyed 3262 houses in the country between July 2016 and June 2018, official figures show.

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