Man arrested over poaching in Nyungwe park

A yellow-backed duiker. Net photo.

Police have arrested a man for allegedly poaching in Nyungwe National Park.

At the time of his arrest he was carrying four animals which he’s suspected to have killed in the park, police said.

The suspect (name withheld) was arrested in Bweyeye Sector in Rusizi District.

Chief Inspector of Police Innocent Gasasira, the police spokesperson for the Western region, confirmed the development and said the suspect had killed three yellow-backed duikers and one l’hoest’s monkey.

The duiker (locally known as Ifumberi) is a forest dwelling antelope from the Bovidae family.

Yellow-backed duikers are the most widely distributed of all duikers while the l’hoest’s monkey (locally known as Icyondi), or mountain monkey, have a dark coat and can be distinguished from other species by its characteristic white beard.

“The suspect was arrested in an operation against poaching and we have since transferred his file to Rwanda Investigation Bureau, which is handling the case,” Gasasira said.

Gasasira thanked the community members, who tipped off the police on the illegal hunting activity.

Under article 416 of the penal code, anyone caught in poaching activities, faces an imprisonment of up to two years and or a fine of Rwf2 million on conviction.

In February this year, the police, in partnership with Rwanda Development Board (RDB), conducted a similar operation in Nyungwe National Park during which  three people who had killed two antelopes were arrested.

They were caught with the meat, skins and heads of the killed antelopes.

However, Gasasira said poaching cases had declined following increased patrols in national parks around the country.


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