Local leaders meet to discuss efficiency, service delivery

Over 200 leaders involved in local governance will in the next three days meet to discuss how to improve their performance.

According to an official statement from the Ministry of Local Government, the local government delivery forum brings together 216 participants including governors and mayors. Others include, District Councils and Executive Committees for City of Kigali and districts, Executive Secretaries, and Division Managers of City of Kigali, provinces and districts.

The forum will take place from January 6 to 8 in Bugesera District.

The forum will discuss how to fast-track performance progress in Local Government, exchange practical leadership and management experiences learn how to efficiently plan with precision, and how to effectively implement planned activities and  policies at local levels.

"The delivery forum will also help local leaders enhance their organisational, coordination, collaboration and communication skills by engaging all stakeholders and organs they work with at local government level," the statement reads in part.

"This goes with imparting in them capabilities of tasking, orienting, monitoring and evaluating all programmes in local government," it adds

This will also require a high performing local government with strong and focused leadership.

Other items to be discussed include Local Government performance progress (Imihigo) and prevailing constraints, Social Protection programmes including VUP, Ubudehe stratification and human security.

The leaders are also expected to discuss reforms and actions to inform the next steps, assess the implementation status of previous Local Government retreat resolutions; decentralisation policy reforms, as well as transparency and accountability in local government.