Local Govt Minister: Compliance key to confronting COVID-19

Prof. Anastase Shyaka. / File

The Ministry of Local Governance on Wednesday, March 25, said that confronting COVID-19 requires citizens to obey precautionary measures set by the Government.

Among the measures being implemented include ordering people to stay in their homes and observing self-distancing


The government temporarily suspended school and church activities as well as large gathering before instituting a partial countrywide lockdown to contain the virus, which has now exceeded 40 confirmed cases in the country.


Speaking to The New Times on the implementation of these measures, Anastase Shyaka, the Minister of Local Governance explained that there was an improvement in public response to the guidelines.


“When you compare how people responded to set measures on the first day and as of now, the trend is really improving and we commend citizens, local leaders and the media who have made this possible,” he said.

He, however, added that: “We are still seeing a few cases of defiance, especially where some people make unnecessary movements and illegally selling unessential goods.”

Shyaka also reiterated that compliance is essential in defeating COVID-19.

“Looking at the culture we are used to, this is challenging. But we are requesting everyone to comply with the set measures because they are the only ones that proved to bring forth the anticipated results of containing this pandemic,” he said.

Shyaka noted that the government established a committee made of security organs and local leaders among others, which will help in enforcing the directives.

The personnel has already been deployed in markets and at village level country-wide.

Individuals and businesses that defy government directives, he said, will be penalized.  


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