Kwibuka24: BBOXX staff give hope to survivors

Employees of a private solar energy company, BBOXX Rwanda, over the weeked visited Mvuzo Memorial Site in Rulindo District, where they paid tribute to Genocide victims and also delivered support to survivors in the area.

Mvuzo Memorial site is a resting place for 6,694 Genocide victims from the different areas, including Burega, Cyinzuzi, Ngoma, Murambi and Masoro in Rulindo and the part of Jabana of Gasabo District.

Clarisse Mugorewera, the coordinator of Ibuka in Murambi Sector said many Genocide victims from Mvuzo hill were killed by the former government soldiers (Ex-Far), who had a garrison in the area.

She thanked the visitors saying that such gestures strengthen them and gives them hope that what happened will never happen again.

Emmanuel Kayiranga, the Mayor of Rulindo District, said there are other seven memorial sites across the district, but Mvuzo is the one with most remains.

Kayiranga thanked BBOXX employees for joining local residents to pay tribute to the victims and extending support to vulnerable Genocide survivors.

Ferdinand Karake, an advisor to the governor of Northern Province said Mvuzo Memorial Site signifies the role of the former government forces in the Genocide, saying that it was shameful that soldiers killed people they were meant to protect.

BBOXX employees gave support, including groceries, goats, paid for community based health insurance to survivors and lit a home of a vulnerable survivor.

The entire package was worth Rwf2.5 million.


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