Kwibuka 25: Maiden commemoration event held in Zimbabwe

Rwandan High Commissioner to Zimbabwe James Musoni is joined by Zimbabwean information minister Monica Mutsvangwa and the DR Congo envoy to Zimbabwe, Mwana Nanga in lighting candles of hope during the commemoration event in Harare. / Courtesy

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa has said Rwanda should be celebrated for the achievements it has made after the country went through its darkest period 25 years ago.

She was speaking on Friday during the event to mark the 25th commemoration for the Genocide against the Tutsi, held at Arupe Jesuit University in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare.

This is the first time that commemoration activities are held in the southern African country.

The event was organised by the Rwandan High Commission to Zimbabwe.

“Let us remember those who perished and honour those who survived this tragedy whose strength and love for one another and their country have enabled Rwanda to build one of the most vibrant nations in Africa,” Minister Mutsvangwa told other mourners.

Mutsvangwa conveyed Zimbabwe’s message of solidarity to the victims of the Genocide saying: “I, therefore, wish to extend the solidarity of the people and Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe to the people and Government of the Republic of Rwanda as they remember those that they lost 25 years ago.”

She said the Genocide against the Tutsi was a tragedy that should have been avoided.

“This grave memory and recollection is one which we would all rather not have,” Mutsvangwa said. “We are learning forgiveness, kind justice and unimaginable reconciliation.”

Mutsvangwa said it was a lesson that, “we must be one another’s keeper, brothers and sisters”, adding: “What consumed one of us today, could consume another tomorrow if it is not curtailed.”

Rwandan nationals, Zimbabweans and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Zimbabwe, clerics and students among others, attended the commemoration.

Addressing the mourners, Rwanda's High Commissioner to Zimbabwe, James Musoni said Genocide against the Tutsi should never be allowed to happen anywhere in the world.

“A conclusion to draw from Rwanda’s story is profound hope for our world,” Musoni said.

“No community is beyond repair and the dignity of a people is never fully extinguished. Never should genocide be allowed to happen anywhere in the world.”

Musoni touched on the resilience of the people of Rwanda in pursuing unity and development, despite the atrocities the country had just gone through.

“As Rwandans and friends commemorate Genocide against the Tutsi, we celebrate the resilience and hope of a people that survived and committed themselves to live again,” Musoni said.