Kagame to campaign for RPF candidates in Gisagara

Kagame was last in Gisagara District in July 2017 where he was campaigning during the presidential elections, and which he won with a landslide.
RPF-Inkotanyi members during campaign at Gisozi, Gasabo District last week. Sam Ngendahimana.

President Paul Kagame is expected in Gisagara District today to request the residents to vote for his party in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Kagame was last in Gisagara District in July last year where he was campaigning during the presidential elections that were held in August and which he won with a landslide.


Speaking to The New Times in a telephone interview, the campaign spokesman for RPF-Inkotanyi, Wellars Gasamagera, said that though he could not confirm President’s attendance, the schedule showed that he would be present in Gisagara.


“If nothing changes, the President is expected in Gisagara, but as of now, I cannot confirm that 100 per cent because it all depends on his schedule,” he said.


When asked why Gisagara had been chosen, Gasamagera said that there was no reason in particular other than the President’s availability.

“He was actually supposed to have launched the campaigns (in Rulindo District on August 13) but he became very busy. Gisagara is a coincidence because that’s the only free slot that he has in his schedule,” he explained.

Campaign updates

Gasamagera also said that the RPF-Inkotanyi campaign was going well so far but used the opportunity to call on the party members to spread word and recruit more members for the party.

“As far as campaigns are concerned, so far, so good. Everything is going according to plan but we urge our supporters to come out and support us in big numbers. Come and get the message, spread it, convince more people to join the party and observe discipline during this period,” he said.

At the launch of the campaign in Rulindo, the governing party’s Secretary-General, François Ngarambe, called for voters across the country to vote for RPF come September 3, saying that this is the only way to ensure smooth delivery of the campaign promises made by President Kagame.

During his campaign last year, Kagame said that the 22 per cent of electricity connection in Gisagara District was not good enough, saying that he would be more interested in achieving at least 90 per cent and more.

The Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development, Jean-Paul Hanganimana, told The New Times in a telephone interview that Gisagara residents were excited to receive the President.

“Our preparations to receive him are done and everything is ready. Our residents are excited and are all going to be present to listen to him because we have a lot to thank him for,” he said.


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