Inspection: Over 100 schools receive govt nod to re-open

The Minister of Education, Eugene Mutimura speaks to journalists as Isaac Munyakazi, the State Minister for Primary and Secondary Education looks on. Sam Ngendahimana.

Most of the schools, which were recently tasked by the ministry of education to upgrade their quality standards or face closure have received permission to reopen when the new school term begins on January 14.

This follows a latest report by the ministry, which showed that most of the schools had fulfilled the requirements while others had showed improvement in the implementation status.

In October last year, the ministry cautioned some schools for poor hygiene, misuse of capitation grants, failing to feed students and misusing ICT materials.

Others were faulted for poor leadership and insufficient qualified teachers among other shortfalls.

Yesterday, the ministry released its latest report following another round of inspection, which gives green light to all schools reopen for the new academic year.

According to the report, at least 65 schools or 85 per cent met the ministry’s requirements and were allowed to start without any challenge.

Also, 30 schools implemented some recommendations to above 50 per cent while 5 others did not due to poor leadership practices. The schools that fell short were tasked to work with districts in order to address their issues, according to the report.

Over 100 schools had been warned that they risked closure if they failed to implement basic requirements.

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 The Minister of Education, Eugene Mutimura, told journalists yesterday that the inspection revealed that overall the schools did their best to implement the requirements while others have expressed willingness to fulfil them.

“We thank all who played a role in the implementation of the recommendations including district leaders and the concerned school leaders…most of the schools managed to implement the recommendations, which affirms better collaboration between government institutions,” said the minister.

Other schools, which did not implement the recommendations due to various reasons will open along with others but were given until February 9, to have implemented the requirements, according to the minister.

In addition, the ministry gave the green to some TVET schools that had suspended by Workforce Development Authority (WDA) to reopen.

The ministry says it will continue with the inspection.

WDA said on Tuesday that it had suspended 70 TVET schools due to poor quality standards.

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“We held a meeting with concerned TVET school managers and they expressed their commitment to correct the mistakes. We allowed them to reopen and the ministry, particularly WDA will carry out an inspection after a month to assess the level of implementation of the recommendations,” Mutimura said.

Head teachers of the affected schools had expressed their concerns over delays buy the ministry to release the findings from the inspection ahead of the new academic year.

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