Immigration directorate warns public against fraudsters

The Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE) has warned the general public about criminal elements who are promising unsuspecting individuals that they can facilitate the acquisition of passports or visas and thereby conning them of their money.

In a statement, the Directorate said that it has noted with concern that some unscrupulous people are using its name by pretending to be immigration officers to dupe members of the public about job opportunities or workshops abroad and thus need to expedite their passport applications so as not to miss out.

“Similarly, some work permit applicants have also fallen prey to this this illegal act. On some occasions, these criminals who promise to facilitate the acquisition of [a] passport or visa have been able to convince the unsuspecting members of the public to transmit money to them through mobile money,” reads part of the statement.

The public is also informed that the Directorate has clear procedures relating to all services it offers and all payments are done only through irembo, a portal to government services and information.

No payment should be made by other means, the statement emphasizes.

Detailed information on requirements and cost of services are normally found on the Directorate’s website.

“The public is hereby warned to desist from dealing with such criminals promising to facilitate the acquisition of DGIE services and anyone making such promises should be reported to DGIE on Tel. +250788152222/ +250722180223.”