Fun and merry at I&M Kid’s Party 2018

It was a weekend of fun and merry for I&M staff kids who attended the Kids Party 2018 at Spiderman Game Centre in Masaka, last Saturday on the 18th August 2018  the a kids’ festival

Kids of different ages attended the annual event which was characterized by games and different play materials, which enabled the children to enjoy, play and interact with each other.


Accompanied by their parents who are also staff members of I&M Bank, the kids enjoyed toys and took part in different competitions under the guidance of Superman.


This year’s kid’s party was much more elaborate than other kid parties.


The choice of the venue was perfect. Spiderman Game Center is well equipped with all sorts of games for kids. All the parents had to do was to bring the kids to the venue and the kids ended up actually enjoying every moment of it.

It was so easy for the kids to have fun and parents became overwhelmed with the games and the entertainment at the game center.

During the event that was decorated with varying colours, parents organized their kids in different age groups as they waited to participate and compete in different games supervised by Spiderman and his helpers who afterwards awarded the best performers with prizes.

These funny party games were just what the kids needed to liven up the party and the event provided them and the parents with tons of laughs and memories.

Most of the games were easy to play like the folded T-shirt that required the fastest kid to unfold and wear the T-shirt and be the fast to tuck in and the water bottle filling, among others and many walked away with dazzling prizes

Half way between the competitions, the kids broke off for a mouthwatering lunch with their parents. The food was great thanks to the experienced chefs

According to Jean Marie Ruhumuriza the Employee Relations and Deputy Head of HR at I&M Bank, the Kids Party 2018’s theme was “I’m a young saver” and was brought about to sensitize their kids on a saving culture so that they grow up with it.

He added that they choose this particular time of the year because it a summer holiday and kids can enjoy freely without any interruption caused by either raining or by being busy with school activities.

Ruhumuriza also said the wanted to recognize and reward their staff for their achievements through their families.

“I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc values its staff as the contributors of its achievement. The aim of the Kids party was to make our kids know where their parents spend most of their time daily and it is also an opportunity for the staff kids to know each other while enjoying their parent’s contribution to the bank” said Ruhumuriza.

Jovia Nkurunziza, the Director of Spiderman Game Centre, said that the center aimed at creating a space for children and parents to interact and enjoy together.

“We always cater for the desires of many kids that is why we have a variety of indoor and outdoor games plus we mind the security of the kids by having them monitored throughout their stay here” said Jovia

She added that they supplement the games with competitions and kid loving comedians and musicians for more entertainment.

“It is also an opportunity for children to know each other and to interact with others from different schools and make friends” she added.

To cream up the event, the kids were entertained by Bruce Melody who sang to them his favorite songs and later shared selfies with them hours before the party ended.

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