Green Party promises to increase salaries for teachers, security, if elected

Members of Green Party during the launch of their campaigns in Muhanga District on Monday. Jean d’Amour Mbonyinshuti.

Ensuring teachers and security personnel’s welfare through increasing their salaries took the centre stage at a campaign rally Tuesday as the Green Party canvassed support in Kigina Sector, Kirehe District.

The party mainly focused on working on laws to promote democracy, equality and security for all.


Addressing voters, Frank Habineza, the party president, said that once voters grant the party a chance to secure seats in Parliament, they would advocate for laws that value the work of teachers and security personnel. He said it would be done by increasing their salaries.


“Pushing for laws that empower security personnel and teachers by increasing their salaries will be our top priority. Though there was a slight increase in their salaries, it is not enough. There are ways to engage other lawmakers to significantly increase their salaries,” he said.


Sylvestre Hitimana, the second vice president of Green Party, said they would promote laws that fight insecurity, instability and corruption as well as inequality, and promote democracy.

“There is also inequality in salaries. Green Party believes that if the head of an institution gets Rwf1 million, the lowest person should get not less than a tenth of their boss’ salary,” he added 

Jean Marie Vianney Mwiseneza, one of candidates, said having party members in Parliament would help fast track the delayed projects.

“The youth especially will benefit more. Those involved in small business will be motivated and be able to easily do business. Green Party will waive taxes for youth doing small business,” he said.

Francine Murekaze, one of the candidates, said that once the party secures seats in Parliament they would push for the removal of taxes for people venturing into a business that does not exceed Rwf2 million.

“I request you to vote for us. Voting for Green Party is to vote for good representatives, vote for us and we will give back to you,” said Murekaze

The Mayor of Kirehe, Gerard Muzungu, welcomed the Green Party members saying it was their constitutional right to campaign.

He assured the party and others of security and added that Kirehe residents were prepared to listen to all candidates to make informed decisions and vote for members of parliament who would play an important role in the country’s development.

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