Green Party pledges to promote citizen participation in legislative process

Once Green Party is elected into Parliament, it will create an online platform whereby citizens can make their contributions whenever laws are being discussed
Members of Green Party during a morale boosting session in Muhanga District during the launch of their campaigns, yesterday. Jean d’Amour Mbonyinshuti

The president of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Frank Habineza, has said that his party members of parliament would promote citizen participation in law formulation once voted for in the September elections.

Habineza was speaking yesterday during the launch of his party’s parliamentary campaign in Mushishiro Sector, Muhanga District, Southern Province.


“Once elected into parliament, our members will encourage the population to be active in helping draft new laws. We will create an online platform whereby citizens can make their contributions whenever laws are being discussed,” he said.


Habineza said that unlike last year’s presidential elections, which the party lost, this time the race will be different and they hope to secure seats in parliament.


“The mission today is different from last year’s presidential elections when one person was to be elected. We have come to ask for votes in September parliamentary elections. Vote for Green Party and we pledge to represent you well, “said Habineza who tops a 32-candidate list of his party hopefuls.

Habineza said the party has been gender sensitive and that most of its candidates were still young and ready to serve the country.

He added that the party had improved its manifesto and that it would promote agriculture by appointing an agricultural officer at the cell level.

“Green Party will also push for abolition of land taxes because it’s not clear how people pay taxes for land that doesn’t generate income, “ he said adding they would also improve security in the country.

He said the party would also push for efficiency in the health sector which he said still faced challenges, including the functioning of the community health insurance, among others.

Carine Maombi, one of the party’s female candidates, told the voters in Muhanga that as members of parliament they would also push for quality education.

“We will advocate for salary increase for teachers and promote the use of both English and French so that Rwandans can speak all languages at the same level,” she said.

“The party will promote transparency and find solutions for issues that will arise,” she added.

Green Party candidates also said the party will promote equality in business and improve the transport sector by supporting private investors in the sector.

They will push for green industrial-based economy, promote human rights and freedom of expression, as well as private media, among others.

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