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Govt issues guidelines ahead of strong winds

The Ministry of Emergency Management has announced guidelines that citizens in high-risk areas should observe in order to prevent severe damages or loss lives, after the Rwanda Meteorology Agency predicted that there would be strong winds in different parts of the country. 

The predictions stipulated that from 15th to 16th July 2020, strong southerly winds ranging from 8 to 13m/s are expected in many parts of Eastern and Southern Provinces, adding that the mentioned weather condition may lead to structural damages in localized areas.


The weather agency explained that the expected weather condition will result from high-pressure systems from the southern part of the Indian Ocean.


Following the warning, in a tweet on Wednesday, July 15, the Ministry of Emergency Management called on citizens to observe precautionary measures ahead of the predicted strong winds.


“Based on the warning by Rwanda Meteorology Agency, people are urged to remain awake tonight if strong winds arrive at their homes,” reads the tweet in parts.

The Ministry went on to say that: “Citizens are also urged to close windows and doors and lean on walls whenever strong winds hit their homes.”

“Electronic gadgets should be unplugged to avoid fire accidents, citizens should avoid going out and hiding near trees or others things that may lead to accidents. People living in houses with loose roofs that may be taken by strong winds are requested to seek refuge in strong nearby shelters,” the Ministry cautioned.

Every year, disasters related to climate change cost the country hundreds of lives and millions of Rwandan Francs that goes in recovering damages. On this note it is always advisable to avoid residing in disaster prone areas.

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