Government ceases transfer of vehicle number plates

Traffic Jam in Kigali. Rwanda government ceases transfer of vehicle number plates. Sam Ngendahimana.

Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) has reviewed the car registration process where the number plate of a vehicle will be registered to an individual or organization and will not be transferable.

This means that in case of a sale for instance, the new owner will issued with a new number plate instead of having to inherit the same number owned by the original owner.


Consequently, on the purchase of a vehicle, the new owner will be issued with a new number plate.


According to a statement from RRA signed by the Commissioner-General of RRA, Pascal Bizimana Ruganintwali, the new directive takes effect in September this year.


The statement warned car owners that those who will not have transferred car ownership details risk being considered as not the legal owners of the vehicles.

Previously, RRA has called on members of the public to transfer car ownership details, which has not received the desired uptake in the previous months.

The process, officials say, is necessary on multiple grounds including facilitating security and law enforcement.

For instance, this will facilitate the Rwanda National Police Traffic department as it moves to step up vigilance using the CCTV cameras to monitor road users.

RNP spokesperson Commissioner of Police Jean Bosco Kabera told The New Times that the development would come in handy for law enforcement officers as they move to use CCTV cameras.

With the department fast adopting traffic cameras and speed cameras for improved monitoring and vigilance, car registration details that are not updated could affect law enforcement.

“RNP have been and are still arguing the public to especially those concerned to transfer car ownership. Otherwise, in addition to road safety offenses, a car which you otherwise sold to someone may be used in other crimes. This is not good,” Kabera said.

He said that the CCTV camera improve the department’s work as they provide irrefutable evidence against Road Safety offenders.

“They (CCTV cameras) provide irrefutable evidence against Road Safety offenders in places where they may be or may not be police officers physical presence. They also make drivers exercise caution while driving which is a good thing for enhancing road safety,” he added.

With the new registration details and process, he said that they are optimistic of improved impact of the use of the technology.

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