‘Gerayo Amahoro’ campaign extended to taxi-moto operators

A pedestrian crosses a road as motorists look on during the ongoing ‘Gerayo amahoro’ road safety campaign. Courtesy.

The ongoing national road safety campaign dubbed ‘Gerayo Amahoro’ (arrive safely) was on Friday extended to taxi-moto operators as Rwanda National Police (RNP) and partners continues to reach out to all categories of road users to respect traffic rules to prevent road carnage.

In the City of Kigali, police officers and other officials engaged motorcyclists at different sites and urged them to use the road safely.

Senior Superintendent of Police Jean Marie Vianney Ndushabandi, the spokesperson for Traffic and Road Safety department, while addressing commercial motorcyclists in Nyabugogo, said that their behaviours on road continue to take their lives and those of others.

He highlighted bad maneuvers, speeding, riding under the influence of alcohol and illicit drugs as some of the deadly behaviours by some motorcyclists that lead to loss of lives.

“You should be sober, avoid reckless maneuvers and regulate your speed. Life comes first,” said SSP Ndushabandi said.

He urged them to be disciplined, respect road traffic signals, and value their lives and those of others.

Daniel Ngarambe, the head of FERWACOTAMO, the federation of taxi-moto cooperatives, said that motorcycle transport has an impact on people’s lives and the national economy.

“Our objective is to reduce death caused or involving motorcyclists, and that goes with behavioral change. We won’t allow disorder and people who tarnish the image of this transport business,” Ngarambe warned.

Jean Pierre Uwizeye, the external communication officer of Bralirwa, said that “we encourage drivers and riders not to drink and drive or ride because it is suicidal, it leads to lifetime injuries and loss of life. We want everyone to arrive safely home.”

Similar safety messages were also delivered to motorcyclists in Remera and others parts of the country

Most crashes result from human error, according to police, citing speeding, aggressive, distraction resulting from use of phone and impaired driving caused by the abuse of drugs and alcohol as the primary causes.

Gerayo Amahorois an RNP 52-week road safety campaign that aims at changing human behaviors and reducing road accidents as they take many lives. At least one person dies in road crashes every day.