Gatsibo: 17 Genocide victims given decent burial

Bodies of 17 victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi were accorded a decent burial at Kiziguro Memorial Site on Thursday. Jean de Dieu Nsabimana.

Remains of 17 victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi were Thursday given a decent burial at Kiziguro Memorial Site, Kiziguro Sector in Gatsibo District.

The victims were recovered from Kiziguro, Rugarama, Murambi and Kiramuruzi sectors.

Kiziguro memorial is home to 14,284 victims.

Jean Nepomuscène Sibomana, the Head of Ibuka in Gatsibo District, said he could not find words to thank the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF)-Inkotanyi for stopping the Genocide.

“We have nothing to reward you, other than using our efforts to show you that your sacrifice to save us was not in vain,” Sibomana said, addressing himself to the RPF cadres at the commemoration event.

He also paid tribute to Hutu individuals who saved Tutsi during the slaughter that lasted 100 days.

Many of such individuals, known in Kinyarwanda as Abarinzi b’Igihango, have been recognised by government and Genocide survivor organisations.

Sibomana, whose entire family was killed during the Genocide, survived thanks a Hutu neighbour.

“Despite the fact that most of the people here were very cruel, there are those who took risk to save people,” he said.

The State Minister in the Ministry of Health, Dr Patrick Ndimubanzi, said: “Commemorating the Genocide against the Tutsi is every Rwandan’s responsibility, and so is giving them a decent burial.”

“Today, we celebrate a good government that is free from discrimination and injustice, led by President Kagame,” he added.

He said that Rwandans still have a task to confront genocide denial and revisionism.