Gakenke: Disabled people to benefit from Rwf60 million fund

The Governor of Northern Province, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi (5th left) hands over the Rwf 61,750,000 dummy cheque to the committe of persons with disabilities in Gakenke District. Régis Umurengezi.

Persons with disabilities in Gakenke District can breathe a sigh of relief after the Government gave them a Rwf61, 750,000 to initiate profitable projects.

The money was handed over by the National Council of Person with Disabilities (NCPD) on Tuesday through the Savings and Credit Cooperatives scheme, better known as Umurenge SACCO.

It will be divided between 240 beneficiaries drawn from 14 sectors.  The recipients had presented the projects which received endorsement from SACCOs and Business Development Fund (BDF).

According to Patrick Muvunyi, the disability mainstreaming officer in Gakenke District, the beneficiaries showed interest in trade, handcrafts, sewing and carpentry, among other projects.

He told The New Times that the fund aims to help persons with disabilities improve their welfare.

“The projects have been jointly evaluated by SACCOs and BDF and were found to be viable,” said Muvunyi.

He explained that each beneficiary will have to pay back only half of the funds received within a year. The rest is a grant from the Government.