Foreign diplomats on up-country excursion

Members of the Diplomatic Corps pose for a photo in front of the magnificent Kamiranzovu waterfalls.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday organised the fourth Diplomatic Up-Country Excursion for Heads of Diplomatic and Consular Missions as well as regional and international organisations accredited to Rwanda.

The three-day excursion, according to the Ministry, aims to give Heads of Mission the opportunity to explore the diverse splendours of Rwanda, through educational and physical approaches to extend and enrich their knowledge and experience (about the country).

This year’s programme will take place in the Western and Northern provinces with focus on wildlife health, environmental sustainability, tourism, community education.

“It will be an occasion for Heads of Mission to get firsthand information on the progress achieved by local entities, and a way of building and developing cooperation between provinces and countries, regional and international organisations accredited to Rwanda,” the Ministry said in tweet.

On Friday morning, the group had a short briefing before heading to Nyungwe National Park for the two main activities of the day: the Canopy Walk and Kamiranzovu Trail experiences.

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